Naive Bayes的Python实现


#Naive Bayes

#Calculate the Prob. of class:cls
def P(data,cls_val,cls_name="class"):
    cnt = 0.0
    for e in data:
        if e[cls_name] == cls_val:
            cnt += 1

    return cnt/len(data)

#Calculate the Prob(attr|cls)
def PT(data,cls_val,attr_name,attr_val,cls_name="class"):
    cnt1 = 0.0
    cnt2 = 0.0
    for e in data:
        if e[cls_name] == cls_val:
            cnt1 += 1
            if e[attr_name] == attr_val:
                cnt2 += 1

    return cnt2/cnt1

#Calculate the NB
def NB(data,test,cls_y,cls_n):
    PY = P(data,cls_y)
    PN = P(data,cls_n)
    for key,val in test.items():
        print key,val
        PY *= PT(data,cls_y,key,val)
        PN *= PT(data,cls_n,key,val)
    return {cls_y:PY,cls_n:PN}

if __name__ == "__main__":

    data = [
        {"outlook":"sunny", "temp":"hot", "humidity":"high", "wind":"weak", "class":"no" },
        {"outlook":"sunny", "temp":"hot", "humidity":"high", "wind":"strong", "class":"no" },
        {"outlook":"overcast", "temp":"hot", "humidity":"high", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"rain", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"high", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"rain", "temp":"cool", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"rain", "temp":"cool", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"strong", "class":"no" },
        {"outlook":"overcast", "temp":"cool", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"strong", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"sunny", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"high", "wind":"weak", "class":"no" },
        {"outlook":"sunny", "temp":"cool", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"rain", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"sunny", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"strong", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"overcast", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"high", "wind":"strong", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"overcast", "temp":"hot", "humidity":"normal", "wind":"weak", "class":"yes" },
        {"outlook":"rain", "temp":"mild", "humidity":"high", "wind":"strong", "class":"no" },
    print NB(data,{"outlook":"sunny","temp":"cool","humidity":"high","wind":"strong"},"yes","no")


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